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ICEF Team Wins Russian Stage of CFA Institute Research Challenge 2014-2015

Graduation Ceremony of the UoL international programmes - S. M. Yakovlev's awarding

Graduation Ceremony of the UoL international programmes - ICEF graduates received their degrees

Paper of A. Dementiev and A. Loboyko in the Research in Transportation Economics

Short course on Public Speaking

Udara Peiris about his recent publications in The HSE Look

The HSE Look congratulated Udara Peiris on the acceptance of his articles and wished him further success in his academic endeavors.

Paper of U. Peiris in Economic Theory

Alumni Reunion at ICEF 2014

The fourth meeting of the LSE.ICEF International Academic Advisory Board

In honour of Lord Richard Layard's anniversary!

In September Lord Richard Layard, the ICEF co-founder and Emeritus Professor of LSE, made a speech at the ICEF Graduation Ceremony 2014 which took place in the Moscow Residence of British Ambassador. This year Richard had his 80th Anniversary and the 50th Anniversary of his career at the LSE. In honour of this we publish here some abstracts from his speech.