ICEF Career Centre

A high-quality education isn’t the only prerequisite for professional success – you also have to learn how to construct your career effectively. That’s why ICEF’s Career Centre was created – its goal is to ensure ICEF graduates are as competitive as possible both in the international jobs market and within the academic world.

Career Centre Functions

1. For Students

From the second year of the Bachelor’s Programme, ICEF starts to prepare students for employment (helping them choose a profession, apply to a company and gain experience) and further study in Russia or abroad (assisting them in selecting a programme, completing applications, and preparing for examinations).

2. For Employers

ICEF has an extensive network of contacts at many companies, financial institutions and governmental organisations, both in Russia and abroad. ICEF’s partners regularly hold presentations and master classes for students, as well as running optional courses and taking part in round-table discussions. The goal of all this is to allow students to get acquainted with what working at different companies is really like, thereby helping them to choose a professional area and prepare a robust job application.

The best proof of ICEF’s impact in this regard is the achievements of our graduates. ICEF graduates are in high demand in the global job market – many are now embarking on hugely successful careers at leading companies in Russia and across the world. Others have founded their own business, and others still are working towards their PhD at leading universities, while teaching and conducting their own research projects. For more details, see the Alumni section.