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MSc Financial Economics Welcomes Its Incoming Class

ICEF’s MSc programme hosted the official welcome to its incoming class, where the students met with faculty and community leaders and were able to talk in a casual setting.

We Wish You All a Great Year: ICEF Freshmen Welcome Event

On 31 August, ICEF’s newly enrolled undergraduate students gathered at HSE campus on Pokrovsky Boulevard for the Freshmen Welcome Event. Following the presentation of the learning process, university policies and on-campus activities, the students have been issued their Student ID Cards. The briefing covered also the class schedule and other essential aspects about ICEF, but most importantly it encouraged everyone to meet one another.

ICEF Celebrates the 2023 Graduation Ceremony

The 2023 graduation ceremony. HSE ICEF
ICEF’s 2023 graduation ceremony was held in HSE Cultural Centre and celebrated the graduation of the 23rd class of bachelor’s and the 15th class of master’s students. The two classes were awarded their degrees and delivered graduation speeches before an audience of ICEF faculty, HSE leaders, staff, and families.

“Academic Success is Largely a Matter of Making Self-Discipline a Habit in Year One”

Vladimir Averin
Vladimir Averin is in his fourth year of studying at HSE ICEF and has become an absolute winner in the Econometrics Universiade 2023, an annual competition organized by Moscow State University. This has been Vladimir’s second win, last year he showed second best result. In 2023 Vladimir is starting his PhD study at Yale University (USA). In this interview, he tells about the benefits of studying at HSE, why Econometrics requires creativity, and how to win a scholarship from Yale University Department of Statistics and Data Science.

“ICEF is a Perfect Blend of Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Application”

Polina Chichulina
Polina Chichulina enrolled in ICEF MSc Financial Economics after completing her bachelor’s studies at HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences. Currently in her first year of the programme, Polina joined SPIEF Academy 2023. Here’s how Polina defines the key advantage of MSc Financial Economics, how ICEF students benefit from the alumni engagement, and what major highlights SPIEF Academy came with in 2023.