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ICEF Academia – The Advanced Programme for ICEF’s Strongest Students

Programme Aim: to create new opportunities for ICEF students to study subjects related to economics and mathematics in greater depth, and to undertake academic research work.

Target Audience: in the academic year 2015-2016, students from all years of the Bachelor’s programme took part in the programme.

What is the programme’s timescale?

The programme lasts four years. Students who participate in the programme in subsequent years and successfully fulfil all of its requirements will receive an honorary Certification of Participation Letter from the HSE and LSE.

What are the features of this programme?

Alongside their basic course of studies, students will have the following opportunities:

First Year:

1. Attend special activities on the following subjects: Mathematical Analysis and Economics (both Macro- and Micro-). At these sessions, highly complex problems will be discussed and solved.

2. Attend optional courses (information on the attended elective courses will be included in the diploma)

3. Carry out academic research on one course (work with a supervisor on a research project or coursework)

Second Year:

1. Attend an advanced course in Statistics, in which additional material will be covered; attend series of special workshops focussing on practical disciplines, given by external companies

2. Attend optional courses (information on the attended elective courses will be included in the diploma)

Third Year:

1. Attend a series of special activities on Econometrics. At these sessions students will work on advanced problems, and study statistical and econometric packages

2. Attend optional courses (information on the attended elective courses will be included in the diploma)

Fourth Year:

1. Attend a series of special activities on Financial Theory (teachers: Professor Alexei Boulatov and Dmitry Makarov). In this course, students will also study the microstructure of financial markets

2. Attend optional courses (information on the attended elective courses will be included in the diploma)

What are the criteria for completing the programme in the first year?

It is necessary to complete any two of the criteria listed below, as well as receiving good or outstanding marks in all areas of the core curriculum.

· Attendance over the course of the year of no fewer than two series of special activities focussing on the basic subjects, and completing of a final test

· Attendance of and assessment in two optional courses over the course of the year

· Carrying out research project work or course work that receives a mark of at least 7*

What sort of motivation is there for first year students?

The three best students from those ranked 3-10** in the end-of-year results for the first year that have also met the conditions outlined above will be awarded full scholarships to attend the LSE Summer School following their second year.

When does the programme start?

The current programme began in October 2015.

The Programme’s Activities in 2014-2015:

In 2014-2015, more than forty first-year ICEF students successfully completed ICEF Academia. Students attended special activity series on Mathematical Analysis (Alexey Akhmetshin), and Economic Theory (Andrey Dementiev), as well as completing optional courses.

This year ICEF Academia expanded to include second-year students. More than thirty-five second-year ICEF students took part in the programme, attending advanced courses in statistics (Dmitry PervouchineAnatoly Peresetsky, Mikhail Zhitlukhin) in the first semester. Moreover, students attended optional courses on Introductory Business, Business Negotiation, Practical Trading, Programming and other disciplines.

Programme winners:


According to test results, the best-performing student who completed all of the necessary courses was Konstantin Semyanov. In 2016, Kostya will be able to attend the LSE Summer School on a full scholarship. The following also achieved outstanding results in the core elements of the programme: Denis Podshibiakin, Sofiya Sayl’, and Aidar Iskhakov.


According to test results, the two best-performing students who completed all of the necessary courses were Ilya Ofitserov and Anton Tolokonnikov, both of whom attended the LSE Summer School in 2015.

Congratulations to our students for such outstanding achievements!

* In this case, it is necessary to attend the lecture series of ICEF Academia

 ** Those that come first and second are automatically sent to the LSE Summer School