Alumni Newsletter


The College takes pride in the achievements of its alumni.

17 cohorts of BSc students and 9 cohorts of MSc students have completed their education at ICEF since the creation of the College in 1997.

Over 1350 graduates received BSc degrees from the Higher School of Economics and the University of London and around 200 graduates received MSc degrees from the Higher School of Economics and official letter of validation from the London School of Economics and Political Science. About 50% of the ICEF Bachelor’s programme graduates received the First and Upper Second class honours degrees from the University of London. These degrees are recognized by the best Master’s programmes worldwide. 

A considerable number of ICEF BSc graduates continue their education on postgraduate programmes (MSc and PhD) offered by top level Russian (HSE, Moscow State University) and Western universities. Many of them have received scholarships, which cover tuition and often living expenses. Foreign universities where ICEF graduates continue their studies >>

The unique and high quality education allows ICEF graduates to work in highly competitive Russian- and English-speaking professional environment.
Today ICEF graduates successfully apply their knowledge and talents in major companies and organizations such as:

Financial Institutions

Morgan Stanley
Credit Suisse
Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (Sberbank)
Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Alfa-Bank Deutsche Bank                  

Professional Services

McKinsey & Co
Ernst & Young
Monitor Group
Standard & Poor’s PricewaterhouseCoopers

Consumer Goods & Products

Philip Morris
Adidas group
Proctor & Gamble
British American Tobacco

ICEF graduates continue to maintain close ties with the College and their classmates after graduation. Reunion events are held annually at the LSE, ICEF or at the British Embassy in Moscow.
See event reports from the latest reunions >>

What alumni say about ICEF

Elena Stolyarova, BSc graduate 2001:

"My College gave me wonderful friends, a wonderful sense of confidence in my knowledge, a good job and a sense of pride whenever I discuss my education."

Sergey Kondrashin, BSc graduate 2002:

"ICEF provides high quality fundamental training in a number of disciplines…
ICEF also gave me an opportunity to gain my first practical experience in commercial organizations, and to meet and communicate with interesting people – I still keep in touch with many of them, and even work with some."

Yulia Chekunaeva, BSc graduate 2003:

"This was a great time of my life full of unique student experiences and a great combination of professors, class tutors and administration personnel that made our life so cool and exciting – as well as teaching us so much"

Anna Nikitina, BSc graduate 2004:

"Appreciate the unique opportunity that ICEF gives you. Experience has shown that an education at ICEF will put you on a par with the graduates of the best Western universities."

Denis Nikolayev, BSc graduate 2004:

"The most valuable thing at ICEF is that here you are taught how to learn, and use a holistic approach in developing new areas and solving problems."

Artem Neklyudov, BSc graduate 2007:
"ICEF is a springboard from which you can start a successful career or continue education at the top universities of the world. The teachers at ICEF are very impressive, so it is not surprising that each year ICEF students are some of the best-performing across the University of London International Programme. ICEF has provided me with the solid basic knowledge, which I rely on in my research and business projects."

Svetlana Bryzgalova, MSc graduate 2009:

"On the ICEF Master’s programme talented teachers impart excellent knowledge at the highest level, and each student сan find a way to achieve their potential."

Ovasapian, MSc graduate 2012:
"The ICEF Master's programme brings together very talented young people with different backgrounds; they are all very motivated, and it creates an atmosphere that is conducive to learning."


Mark Ozerov, BSc graduate 2012:

"I’m sure I made the right choice with the University of London International Programmes. Not only was the quality of teaching materials outstanding, but the degree is also recognised by the leading academic institutions and employers."

Anfisa Loboyko, BSc graduate 2013:

"Once I started ICEF, I felt like a citizen of the world. Analyzing that transformation now, I realize that the key was the faculty’s academic staff. It was not just made up of people from different backgrounds, it was more than that: all the teachers transmitted the spirit of being a global citizen."

Vassiliy Kosov, BSc graduate 2014:

"ICEF is the ultimate combination of the persistent and result-oriented English university structure and the hardworking and broad theory of the Russian one. It is the best investment in the future you can make at undergraduate level."

Andrei Kaplan, BSc graduate 2014:

"Studying at ICEF gave me a solid foundation in Economics, Finance and Econometrics, which is something I’ve started to appreciate now that I am studying at MIT Sloan. Without ICEF I wouldn’t even be here."