Core Research Team

All ICEF full-time faculty members engage in top-level academic research as part of their role, covering diverse areas within economics and finance.

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Alexis Belianin
ICEF Research Programme Coordinator
PhD, University of Manchester
Assistant Professor

Research interests: behavioural economics, game theory, theory of choice under uncertainty, applied microeconomics, political economy, industrial organization



Aleksey Boulatov
PhD, University of California Berkeley

Research interests: informational economics, market microstructure, the long-term impact of microstructure effects on asset pricing


Sofya Budanova
PhD, Northwestern University
Assistant Professor

Research interests: econometrics

Emiliano Catonini
PhD, Bocconi University
Assistant Professor

Research interests: economic theory, game theory, applied microeconomic theory

Arkaja Chakraverty
PhD, Indian School of Business
Assistant Professor

Research interests: behavioral finance, corporate finance


Roman ChuhayRoman Chuhay
PhD, University of Alicante
Assistant Professor

Research interests: microeconomics, social networks, industrial organizations, economics, financial economics




Vincent Fardeau
PhD, London School of Economics
Assistant Professor

Research interests: financial markets with frictions, liquidity, delegated portfolio management




Markus Gebauer
PhD, Toulouse School of Economics
Assistant Professor

Research interests: labour economics, applied macroeconomics





Luca Gelsomini
PhD, University of Warwick 
Assistant Professor

Research interests: financial regulation; financial accounting; economics of information

Dmitry Makarov
PhD, London Business School
Associate Professor

Research interests: portfolio choice, asset pricing, money management, relative concerns, ambiguity aversion

Kosmas Marinakis
PhD, North Carolina State University, USA
Assistant Professor
Research interests: contract theory, incentives, experimental economics, theory of finance


Tatiana Mayskaya
PhD, California Institute of Technology
Assistant Professor

Research interests: microeconomics, experimental economics, behavioral economics, information economics


Maxim Nikitin
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Research interests: macroeconomics, monetary economics, economics of transition




Udara Peiris
PhD, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Assistant Professor

Research interests: international finance, monetary policy, financial stability, credit/default and financial frictions


Fabian Slonimczyk
PhD, University of Massachusetts
Assistant Professor

Research interests: labor economics, economic development, applied econometrics, macroeconomics

Vladimir SokolovVladimir Sokolov
PhD, University of Notre Dame
Assistant Professor

Research interests: international economics, financial economics, monetary economics


Sergey Stepanov
PhD, Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Assistant Professor

Research interests: corporate finance, economics of information, contract theory, microeconomics

Anna Yurko
PhD, University of Texas
Assistant Professor

Research interests: computational economics, macroeconomics, industrial organization (theory), political economy, family economics


Roman Zakharenko
PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Assistant Professor

Research interests: development economics, international trade, computational methods in economics, economic history, regional economics