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ICEF/LFE Research Seminar by Andriy Bodnaruk (UIC)

On Thursday, May 16 ICEF and LFE held the Research Seminar in Finance.

How ICEF can help one study for the international CFA Exam

How ICEF can help one study for the international CFA Exam
Konstantin Fedorov enrolled in ICEF Master’s Programme to gain a deeper insight into Corporate Finance and try himself in a new realm of activity. During his studies, Konstantin passed CFA Level 1 exam as a step towards the internationally recognized CFA credential. In this interview, he gives tips on how to prepare for the CFA exam, one of the toughest financial exams designed to help professionals acquire advanced financial analysis and investment management skills, and how ICEF can be helpful.

ICEF alumni continue their education on best PhD programmes

In 2019 6 ICEF graduates have already entered PhD programmes of world’s leading universities.

“No other faculty are as responsive as ICEF”

After Maria Titova completed her master’s studies at ICEF in 2015, she enrolled in a PhD programme at the University of California, San Diego. The current year of her studies has been marked by finalizing her major research paper that will help integrate Maria into the academia as a highly promising expert. In this interview, Maria talks about the dissimilarities between PhD training systems in the USA and Europe, why lecturing American students appears easy, and what Job Market Paper is worth on the job market.

“Lecturing teaches you how to present complex ideas clearly”

Meet Anastasia Parakhonyak, an ICEF MSc graduate (class of 2012) who earned, in 2018, her PhD degree from Toulouse School of Economics and is currently a lecturer at Durham University in the UK. In her interview, Anastasia shares her thoughts about the nature of the UK education system, how professors’ personal experience can help students progress career-wise, what advantages future economics can expect from doing a degree in Europe, and why an average ICEF student is considered bright in Europe.

ICEF Research Seminar by Shruti Sinha (TSE)

On Thursday, Aprill 18 ICEF held the Research Seminar.

“The main key to career success is apply yourself to the job”

Fedor Novozhilov, Head of Credit Risk Management at Sberbank CIB Risk Department, ICEF graduate and lecturer in master’s course Risk Management, about what makes his course special, how to become a risk officer, make your boss happy, excel at an interview and find your own bible.
All news
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"Traffic Priority Mechanisms"
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Liquidity, Default and the Interaction of Financial Stability and Monetary Policy

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Evaluation of public procurement costs: Macrolevel assessment based on microdata

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