• The HSE (Academic Council, Rector)

• The ICEF Board of Trustees coordinates and carries out ICEF’s development strategy. Established in 1998, the Board of Trustees holds annual meetings, at which it approves the ICEF budget and receives updates on the College’s developmental progress. Since its creation ICEF has been developing and achieved considerable success. It is one of the first and most successful examples of Russian sponsors investing in a large-scale and long-term educational project that conforms to world-class standards. With their support it has become possible to provide education of international quality that is accessible to all students, regardless of socio-economic or geographic background.

• The International Academic Committee (IAC) consists of the Rector and the First Vice-Rector of HSE, representatives of LSE (the Project Director and the Senior Academic Advisor), ICEF Director, and his deputy. The IAC carries out the academic management of the programme. The structure and responsibilities of the IAC are determined by the international contract between HSE and LSE. It is responsible for the shortlisting of teachers, approval and monitoring of the curriculum and entire teaching process and other issues related to the College’s educational activities.

• The LSE.ICEF International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB)
The first meeting of the IAAB, which was established in 2011, took place in London on 23 January 2012. The IAAB discusses the objectives, main results and problems of implementing the ICEF Development Programme, possible directions of ICEF future development and the academic involvement of the LSE.
The following distinguished academics are members of the IAAB:
  •   Prof. Margaret Bray, LSE, Reader in Economics
  •   Prof. Janet Hartley, LSE, Professor of International History, Pro Director for Teaching and Learning
  •   Prof. Richard Jackman, LSE, Professor of Economics, ICEF Project Director
  •   Prof. Christian Julliard, LSE, Lecturer in Finance
  •   Prof. Richard Layard (honorary member), LSE, Emeritus Professor of Economics
  •   Dr. Julia Shvets, University of Cambridge, Senior Lecturer in Economics
  •   Dr. Dimitrios Tsomocos, Oxford University, Reader in Financial Economics and Fellow in Management
  •   Prof. Vadim Radaev, HSE, First Vice-Rector 
  •   Dr. Sergey Yakovlev,  ICEF-HSE Director 
  •   Dr. Oleg Zamkov, ICEF-HSE Deputy Director 
  •   Prof. Maxim Nikitin,  Academic Head of ICEF MS programme, Head of ICEF MS Programme Council
  •   Prof. Alexey Boulatov,  Head of ICEF Research Council
  •   Dr. Kevin Sheedy, LSE, Assistant Professor of Economics

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