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HSE Enters 13 QS Subject Rankings

HSE Enters 13 QS Subject Rankings
The Higher School of Economics has made it onto 13 subject and two subject area rankings in the QS World University Ranking thanks to the university’s achievements as part of the Project 5-100. In addition, HSE was in the top 100 ranking for three subjects – Economics & Econometrics, Politics & International Studies, and Sociology – and it was the only Russian school in the Accounting & Finance 101-150 ranking. As for total number of subject rankings, HSE was third in Russia.

ICEF Research Seminar by Annaïg Morin (Copenhagen Business School)

On Thursday, March 2 at 4.40 pm, room 3211 (Shabolovka str. 26) ICEF held the Research Seminar.
Speaker: Annaïg Morin (Copenhagen Business School)
Theme: "Job-to-Job Transitions, Sorting, and Wage Growth" joint with David Jinkins

Honorary lecture by Mr. Shamik Dhar

Job Market Seminar by Paolo Piacquadio (University of Oslo)

On Thursday, February 16 at 4.40 pm, ICEF and FES held the Job Market Seminar.
Speaker: Paolo Piacquadio (University of Oslo)
Theme: "A Fairness Justification of Utilitarianism"

Job Market Seminar by Arkaja Chakraverty (ISB)

On Wednesday, February 8 at 1.40 pm, ICEF held the Job Market Seminar.
Speaker: Arkaja Chakraverty (ISB)
Theme: "Leverage, Unemployment Risk and Employee Compensation"

Job Market Seminar by Dmitry Matveev (University of Mannheim)

On Wednesday, February 8 at 10.30 am, ICEF will hold the Job Market Seminar.
Speaker: Dmitry Matveev (University of Mannheim)
Theme: "Monetary Policy and Government Debt Dynamics without Commitment"

Job Market Seminar by Sofya Budanova (Northwestern University)

On Monday, February 6 at 4.40 pm, ICEF and FES held the Job Market Seminar.
Speaker: Sofya Budanova (Northwestern University)
Theme: "Penalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Finite Mixture Models with Unknown Number of Components"

Job Market Seminar by Andrii Parkhomenko (UAB)

On Friday, February 3 at 4.40 pm, ICEF and FES held the Job Market Seminar.
Speaker: Andrii Parkhomenko (UAB)
Theme: "The Rise of Housing Supply Regulation in the U.S.: Local Causes and Aggregate Implications"

Job Market Seminar by Michele Valsecchi (University of Gothenburg)

On Friday, February 3 at 10.30 am, ICEF and FES held the Job Market Seminar.
Speaker: Michele Valsecchi (University of Gothenburg)
Theme: "Corrupt Bureaucrats: The Response of Non-Elected Officials to Electoral Accountability"

A new double degree programme within ICEF MSc in Financial Economics