International College of Economics and Finance


ICEF faculty members regularly participate in leading international conferences in the fields of economics and finance, both in Russia and abroad; these include Econometric Society meetings, and meetings of the American and European Economic Associations, the Game Theory Society, the International Economic Association and many others.

ICEF faculty members organize the International Moscow Finance Conference and ICEF Conference on Applied Economics annually. They also participate in and coordinate the International Academic Conference of the Higher School of Economics on Economic and Social Development, as well as other academic events conducted in Russia.

Conference participation in 2022-2023

In 2022-23, ICEF academics participated in more than 15 international research conferences and among them are the  European Winter Finance Conference, Econometric Society North American Summer Meetings, Econometric Society European Summer Meetings, The 21st Annual Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory Conference, The 22nd Annual Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET) Conference, EEA-ESEM Annual Meeting, and The 12th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference.

One more conference our international academics contributed to in 2023 as speakers, discussants and moderators was the 24th Yasin (April) International Academic Conference (HSE).

In October 2023, ICEF held the 5th Conference on Applied Economics at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

In November 2023, ICEF Laboratory of Financial Economics (LFE) and the Centre for Institutional Studies (CInSt) held the 12th ICEF-CInSt International Moscow Finance Conference. This year’s conference received 40+ submissions and has considerably expanded the geography of its participants. Researchers from Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom actively contributed as speakers and discussants.