International College of Economics and Finance


ICEF Open Day: BSc Programme

Sergey Dubinin’s lecture at ICEF

“I took a risk – and don’t regret it”

Alexandra Solovyeva graduated from the ICEF Master’s Programme in 2009, and enrolled in the PhD programme of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. As part of ICEF’s interview series, Alexandra discussed her experiences of studying in both Russia and the USA.

ICEF/LFE Research Seminar by Guglielmo Maria Caporale (Brunel University London)

On Thursday, March 10 at 4.40 pm, room 3211 (Shabolovka str. 26) ICEF and LFE will hold the Research Seminar in Finance.
Speaker: Guglielmo Caporale (Brunel University London)
Theme: "Macro News and Stock Returns in the Euro Area: A VAR-GARCH-in-Mean Analysis"

ICEF Winter Research Conference

ICEF/LFE Research Seminar by Pasquale Della Corte (Imperial College London)

On Friday, February 26 at 2 pm ICEF and LFE held the Research Seminar in Finance.
Speaker: Pasquale Della Corte (Imperial College London)
Theme: "Macro Uncertainty and Currency Premia" co-authored with Aleksejs Krecetovs

ICEF Assistant Professor Vladimir Sokolov addresses an HSE film screening

Paper of R. Zakharenko in the Mathematical Social Sciences

Job market seminars

ICEF/LFE Research Seminar by Dimitrios Tsomocos (University of Oxford)

On February 11 at 12 pm ICEF and LFE held the Research Seminar in Finance.
Speaker: Dimitrios Tsomocos (University of Oxford)
Theme: "Debt, Recovery Rates and the Greek Dilemma"