International College of Economics and Finance


Research seminar by Christian Julliard (LSE): «What is the Consumption-CAPM missing? An Information-Theoretic Framework for the Analysis of Asset Pricing Models»

Article of A. Bulatov in Review of Economic Studies

Congratulations to Alexey Bulatov on the adoption of his article "Informed Trading and Portfolio Returns" to be published in the journal Review of Economic Studies (REStud).

New Assistant Professors at ICEF

ICEF continues to recruit teachers with the internationally recognized qualifications (Ph.D) >>

Stop Press: QAA audit outcome - confidence on all counts

Research seminar by Artem Prokhorov (Concordia University): Goodness-of-Fit Test for Copulas

ICEF Master’s Programme: New Opportunities

Interview with the Head of ICEF Master’s programme Maxim Nikitin.

Research seminar by Karla Hoff (World Bank): Caste and Punishment: The Legacy of Caste Culture in Norm Enforcement

Research seminar by Michael Tahlin (Stockholm University): Life-long learning, job requirements and informal training

Research seminar by Filippo Balestrieri (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories): «Informed seller in a Hotelling market»

Research seminar by Remzi Kaygusuz (Sabanci University): «Taxing Women: A Macroeconomic Analysis»

Joint ICEF and Faculty of Economics Research Seminar