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ICEF 11th graduation ceremony 2011

On September 27, 2011, the ICEF eleventh graduation ceremony took place at the British embassy in Moscow >> 

On September 27, 2011, the ICEF eleventh graduation ceremony took place at the British embassy in Moscow.

This year 80 bachelors and 18 masters graduated from ICEF. Among BSc graduates 18 earned a First Class Honours degree from the University of London, and 4 of these also received a HSE Honours diploma. 

The bachelors were awarded two diplomas:  BSc degree from the University of London of one of the specializations: Economics, Economics and Management, Economics and Finance, Banking and Finance, and BSc degree in Economics from the HSE. The masters received official verification letters (signed by the LSE Director) from the LSE and MSc degrees in Financial Economics from the HSE.

Russian diplomas were awarded by Sergey Yakovlev, the ICEF Director, and Alexander Shokhin, the HSE President, while the British ones – by Denis Keefe, the Deputy Head of Mission, and Janet Hartley, the Pro-Director of the LSE.

Vadim Radaev, First Vice Rector, Sergey Dubinin, Chairman of the ICEF Board of Trustees, Jonathan Kydd, Dean of University of London International Programmes, Richard Jackman, ICEF project Director at the LSE, Anatoliy Aksakov, Deputy of the State Duma of Russia, Paul de Quincey, Director of the British Council in Russia, all spoke to the graduates and wished them further success.

When the diplomas were awarded to graduates, Igor Stepanov (Bachelor) and Yana Kuznetsova (Master) gave a response speech and thanked everyone who helped students with their difficult path to a diploma.

After the official part of the ceremony guests and graduates were invited to the canapé-reception, where they continued to celebrate in a less formal atmosphere of happy smiles, photo camera flashes and congratulations… 

University of London International Programmes Bulletins for Colleges, October 10, 2011