International College of Economics and Finance


FBK company and ICEF: agreement on cooperation

April 16, 2012 the FBK Company, the FBK’s Economic and Law School and ICEF signed an agreement on cooperation and collaboration >>

New ICEF teachers

ICEF continues to recruit teachers with the internationally recognized qualifications (PhD) >>

Research Seminar

Speaker: Martin J Dierker (University of Houston)
Theme: «A Good Day to Buy is Not a Good Day to Sell: An Investigation of Limit Order Supply and Demand Curves»

To find a job, you must have lots of friends

Seminar on the topic “Labor market and search through personal contacts” presented by ICEF associate professor Roman Chuhay >>

Research Seminar

Speaker: Daniel Houser (George Mason University)
Theme: «Emergent Star Networks with Ex Ante Homogeneous Agents» (joint with Rong Rong)

Research seminar

Speaker: E. Kwan Choi (Iowa State University)
Theme: «Profits and Losses from Currency Intervention»

Research seminar

Speaker: Bart Taub (Durham University)
Theme: «Inconspicuousness and obfuscation: How large shareholders dynamically manipulate output and information for trading purposes»

Research seminar

Speaker: Anna Obizhaeva (University of Maryland)
Theme: «Trading Game Invariance in the TAQ Dataset»

Research seminar

Speaker: Kevin D. Sheedy (LSE)
Theme: «A Model of Equilibrium Institutions»

ICEF MSc students are the finalists of the BNP Paribas global ACE Manager competition

A team of ICEF MSc students entered the top five teams (out of 2535 teams) in the championship of the business cases BNP Paribas Ace Manager! >>