International College of Economics and Finance

ICEF Open Day: Master’s Programme in Financial Economics

On March 20th 2016, ICEF held an Open Day for the Master’s Programme in Financial Economics, in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science. There were 62 students in attendance, together with representatives of the HSE faculty and of the MSU, MIRT, the Financial University, the REA and other affiliates.

Speakers on the day included: Academic Head, Professor Maxim Nikitin, Anna Romanovskaya, Director’s Advisor on students and careers, and 2015 MSc graduate Diana Durdieva (2015).

After the presentations, prospective students were able to put questions to Professor Nikitin, Head of Graduate Studies Sabina Babaeva, first and second-year students, and graduates of the programme. Many of the questions concerned admissions requirements and the recruitment process, the early decision procedure, quota enrolment, how portfolios are evaluated, and concessions for applicants from Crimea.

The open day ended with an English language test for 20 candidates, which was administered by ICEF Foreign Languages Programme Coordinator Elena Velikaya.

Test Results (Russian)

The next open day will take place on May 15th,when there will also be an IELTS English Language qualifying exam. For more information on admissions and study, or on available stipends, please contact the Academic Head of the programme Maxim Nikitin or the Head of Graduate Studies Sabina Babaeva.