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HSE ICEF and China’s SWUFE RIEM Launch International Undergraduate Double-Degree Programme

HSE ICEF and China’s SWUFE RIEM Launch International Undergraduate Double-Degree Programme
HSE University and the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) have signed a cooperation agreement to jointly offer an undergraduate double-degree programme in economics and finance. Within this collaboration, HSE ICEF is partnering with the SWUFE Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM), founded in 2006 as a premier research institution and provider of economics and finance education meeting high international standards.

It’s All About Trust

It’s All About Trust
Anatoly Aksakov did a talk to HSE students about the prospects before Russia’s financial markets.

Grigory Baranov: “My Word of Encouragement to Future Students: Nothing Is Impossible Here”

Grigory Baranov is in his second year of Master in Financial Economics Programme
Currently in his second year at ICEF, Grigory shares about how many hours he works while studying, his personal achievement he’s most proud of, and what summer study options there are for ICEF students.

Star Students of ICEF to Join Summer Schools in China

ICEF’s ten best performing undergraduates and MSc students will be able to join the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) RIEM Global Academy Summer School in Chengdu fully covered by ICEF. These students top the 2022-2023 rating and have shown outstanding progress in the intellectually intensive programme ICEF Academia.

ICEF Team Wins Axenix Business Cup & HSE Case Club 2024

ICEF student team Equilibrium Solutions
Axenix Business Cup & HSE Case Club 2024 awarded its top prize to the team of third-year students of ICEF. Consisting of Ivan Zaikin (leader), Arslan Gilmutdinov, Dmitry Filippov, Ruslan Kerimov, Alexey Golovshchinsky and Gleb Smirnov, the team goes under the name Equilibrium Solutions.

“I Know ICEF Grads As Brainy People With Easy Attitude to Challenge and Healthy Sense of Humour”

Ksenia Alexandridi
Ksenia Alexandridi, head of Strategy Consulting at IBC Real Estate (JLL Russia & CIS until 2022), member of ICEF bachelor’s class of 2012, looks back at her life as a student, recalling moments of fun and hard work and sharing the secrets of consulting where she enjoys success since graduation.  

“I See ICEF as a Strong Brand Name and Gold Standard”

Elena Korobova, ICEF graduate student
HSE graduate student Elena Korobova stays connected with her alma mater since high school. First a student of HSE lyceum class, Elena went on to study at HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs and earned her bachelor’s with honours in 2022.Now in her second year of master’s studies, Elena shares about the reasons she chose ICEF that include English-medium instruction, Spanish, study abroad opportunities, and student-friendly atmosphere. The latter is largely credited to ICEF’s academics with experience of graduate studies abroad. 


ICEF team. Bottom row: Artemiy Sergeev, Martin Polzen, Denis Korotkov, Egor Ivanov. Top row: Ivan Ugro, Luka Kuznetsov, Nikolai Laskin, Gleb Bogoyavlensky, Bogdan Lasychuk
On March 2-3, the HSE Nizhny Novgorod hosted the HSE Inter Football Cup 2024. Competing in it were the student teams of HSE Moscow, ICEF (2023 Cup winner), Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and Perm. The ICEF team gloriously won the third place.

ICEF Students Make It To Econometrics Universiade Final Stage

ICEF Students Make It To Econometrics Universiade Final Stage
The Econometrics Universiade 2024 has announced the results of its first stage. As has been the practice in recent years, the event held its first round online and posed contestants to the tasks requiring creative thinking and researcher skills. As in previous years, the list of stage-one winners includes ICEF.

“ICEF Taught Me to Be Persistent and Think Outside the Box”

Anton Potapenko
Anton Potapenko earned his bachelor’s from ICEF in 2006 and has years of successful career in international investment banking. Currently an executive at India’s conglomerate Essar Group, Anton shares about the hard and soft skills he had gained from ICEF and offers his advice to students of today.