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This Time is Different: Economic Policy Challenges in the time of COVID-19

This Time is Different: Economic Policy Challenges in the time of COVID-19

As a result of COVID-19 the global economy is experiencing challenges rarely seen out of times of war. At a national level these challenges stem from efforts to ensure political-financial-economic stability whilst preserving the health and safety of citizens. The consequences and trade-offs in the decisions that are being made will have repercussions that will affect the world for many years to come.

This panel discussion will focus on the economic policy responses that have been or may be made and the consequences and implications for political-financial-economic stability. Our expert panel of acclaimed economists from academia, policy institutes and the private sector will discuss both the global impact as well as the impact within Russia. Our panelists and the broad area of their topics are listed below. In addition to presenting their views, the panel will field questions from an online audience in an interactive Q&A session.


Martin Gilman, Professor of Economics at HSE University and former Assistant Director, IMF policy department (US policy and spillovers to global markets)

Reiner Martin, Lead Economist at the Joint Vienna Institute and former Deputy Head of European Central Bank’s Macroprudential Policy Division (European Monetary and Supervisory response)

Alexander Morozov, Head of the Research and Forecasting Department at the Central Bank of Russia (Russian policy response)

Dimitrios P. Tsomocos, Professor and Chair of Financial Economics, Saïd Business School and St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford (European political and fiscal actions and effects)

Oleg Zamulin, Director of Centre for Macroeconomic Research at Sberbank and Former Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at HSE University (Outlook for the Russian Economy)


M. Udara Peiris, Associate Professor of Finance at ICEF, HSE University


16:00 to 16:10 – Moderator introduction

16:10 to 17:00 – Panelist presentation (10 minutes each)

17:00 to 17:20 – Q&A session with moderator

17:20 to 18:00 – Q&A session with public

WHEN: Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 16:00 to 18:00 Moscow Time.

LOCATION: Zoom and YouTube

LANGUAGE: english


*Registration is necessary and must be done by Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 16:00 Moscow Time.

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