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How to apply

Dates of admissions campaign 2017

There are three application rounds. We encourage you to apply as soon as you feel that your application is ready. Please note that only applications received in the first and second rounds (by April 1, 2017) will be considered for full-tuition scholarship funding. Other scholarships may be provided by the Programme Examination Committee.


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


February 1, 2017
(eligible for scholarships)

April 1, 2017

(eligible for scholarships)

July 1, 2017

(ineligible for scholarships)

Decision Date

February 28, 2017

April 10, 2017

July 15, 2017

How to apply

Apply online using through the online application form.

Instructions on how to use the application form are available here

Applications may be submitted in English or in Russian.

Portfolio composition and minimum requirements for MSc Financial Economics, applications for academic year 2017/2018

Portfolio component



Diploma and academic transcripts

We require that your previous degree contain minimum 3 courses in higher mathematics, including one from the list: probability theory, mathematical statistics, econometrics, random processes.
Average grade in these courses must be at least В (75%) or equivalent.
Alternatively, GRE Subject test in mathematics scored 600 points and higher are accepted as the proof of good mathematical skills.

University ranking is also considered.

If you have not yet received your Bachelor’s diploma, please include an official copy of your most recent academic transcript.


Motivation letter

You must upload a personal statement that describes your academic interest in and understanding of the programme, as well as your purpose and objectives in undertaking this graduate study.


Scientific papers, publications, presentations at scientific seminars/conferences

At least 1 writing sample.


English language proficiency

Accepted certificates: IELTS (6.0 and higher) or TOEFL iBT (80 and higher).
Native speakers of English and students who have completed an entire degree exclusively in English do not need to submit proof of their English ability. All other applicants should submit test results no more than two years old.



You can submit a standard CV, including your educational achievements, work and research experience, publications (if any), and language knowledge.


Recommendation letter(s)

You can submit letter(s) of recommendation (at least one from someone familiar with your academic work).
Please provide your recommenders with HSE’s letter of recommendation guidelines.


Personal achievements

You can upload any additional information, which will help the Examination Committee to evaluate your candidature.


Other international certificates

High scores in international certificates add points to your portfolio.
Applicants with scores higher than listed below automatically get maximum for portfolio:
∙ GRE General Test Quantitative Reasoning: 165, Analytical Writing: 3.5
or GMAT total score 650, Quantitative 47
∙ and GRE Mathematics Subject Test: 700


ICEF institution code for GRE is 3848.



The Examination Committee has the right to call the candidate for an interview in order to clarify the information provided. The final decision on the points attributed to the portfolio is based on the interview results.


Download portfolio composition for MSc Financial Economics in pdf

For additional information check International Admissions page or ask us directly at Icef_MScAdmissions@hse.ru