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“I feel happy when I am moving forward”

Maria Logvinenko graduated from the ICEF BSc programme in 2006. For ten years, she worked in marketing, first at Nestle and then at The Coca-Cola Company, and she now works as a Line Manager in Services at Avito.

"Engage in research as early as possible"

Dmitry Storcheus graduated from ICEF in 2011 and continued his research at The Courant Institute in the USA. Now, he is a leading expert in machine learning, working in Google Research Group in New York. Dmitry explains why studying at ICEF was essential for his rapid academic success.

A good university teaches you how to be flexible, learn, and grow

Working abroad after the university is both a step forward in your career, as well as a valuable personal experience. ICEF HSE graduate Mikhail Savkin, who is currently the Director of Global Strategy at France’s Schneider Electric, tells Success Builder how easy it is for a consultant to lead a nomadic lifestyle, why HSE should become a subculture, and how to survive in the French corporate world without losing your own cultural identity.

ICEF Teaching Day

University of London published a list of ICEF students who received Awards and Letters of Commendation!

Emiliano Catonini, ICEF assistant professor, gave a lecture on HSE Day

New academic achievements of ICEF students

ICEF Gave Me an Excellent Theoretical Grounding

ICEF 2006 alumnus Yuri Kiselev is now head of debt capital markets in Russia and the CIS at Société Générale. In an interview for the ICEF website Yuri talked about his career and education in Russia and abroad.

5 Things You Need to Know about the International College of Economics and Finance

How do ICEF graduates' careers work out? What do they learn at ICEF? What are the academic mobility opportunities? Oleg Zamkov, Deputy Director of the International College of Economics and Finance answers applicants' main questions.

Graduation Ceremony of the UoL international programmes - ICEF graduates received their degrees