International College of Economics and Finance

From Riga to Moscow: ICEF Attracts Globally Minded Students

By its nature, the Master’s programme at the International College of Economics and Finance is an international programme, having been founded by the Higher School of Economics and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since it was established in 2007, one of its greatest strengths has been its ability to attract talented Russian and international students alike.

One recent graduate, Arturs Meskovskis, came to ICEF after completing his undergraduate studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

‘My course mate in Riga spent a semester as an exchange student at ICEF’, said Meshkovskiy, ‘and his impressions together with an outstanding opportunity to study for free drove me to join ICEF’.

The Master’s programme at ICEF is known for its challenging courses covering a range of subjects in finance and economics.

‘The hardest part here was the depth of the theoretical courses, but it was tough and interesting at the same time. Learning new things is always interesting and exciting for me,’ said Meshkovskiy.

When asked if he would make any changes to the programme, Meshkovskiy emphasized the need for more seminars focused on the practical aspects of what students are studying. ‘I also wish there were more report-writing and presentation assignments. This would lead to practicing not only English listening skills, but writing, speaking and presentation skills as well’, he says.

Finally, Meshkovskiy also has a few recommendations for stricter scheduling and deadlines, which he believes would help to instil better habits in students. ‘These are very important in one’s future life, and in the long-run [tighter scheduling and deadlines] outweigh all the potential inconveniences’.

Apart from the main coursework, Meshkovskiy said that one of his best experiences in the programme involved the discussions with lecturers outside the classroom, working in the Laboratory of Financial Economics and practicing his skills as a teaching assistant in several courses.

As for his plans going forward, Meshkovskiy says his main priority is securing a job, although he expressed a willingness to continue teaching seminars at ICEF and working in the lab.

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