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Key publications in 2018


"Rationalizability and epistemic priority orderings"
Games and Economic Behavior (forthcoming)
Emiliano Catonini

"Liquidity, Default and the Interaction of Financial Stability and Monetary Policy"

The Changing Fortunes of Central Banking. Cambridge University Press, March 2018
Udara PeirisDimitrios TsomocosAlexandros Vardoulakis

"Financially-constrained lawyers: An economic theory of legal disputes"
Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 109, May 2018, Pages 625-647
Claudia M.LandeoMaxim Nikitin

"Debt, Recovery Rates and the Greek Dilemma"
Journal of Financial Stability, Volume 36, June 2018, Pages 265-278
Charles Goodhart, Udara PeirisDimitrios Tsomocos

"Perils of unconventional monetary policy"

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 93, August 2018, Pages 92-114
Michael McMahon, Udara PeirisHerakles Polemarchakis

"Transfers of Corporate Control in Firms with Non-Controlling Blockholders"
The RAND Journal of Economics (in print)
Sergey Stepanov

ICEF Working Papers

"Common assumption of cautious rationality and iterated admissibility"
WP9/2018/02. – Moscow: Higher School of Economics Publ. House, 2018. – 89 p.
Emiliano Catonini, Nicodemo De Vito

"Self-Enforcing Agreements and Forward Induction Reasoning"
WP9/2018/01. – Moscow: Higher School of Economics Publ. House, 2018. – 84 p.
Emiliano Catonini