Key publications in 2016


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"Agency Problem and Ownership Structure: Outside Blockholder As a Signal"

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (in print)
Sergey Stepanov, Anton Suvorov (HSE)

"Self-driving cars will change cities"
Regional Science and Urban Economics 61, pp. 26-37
Roman Zakharenko

"Endogenous growth and demographic transition in a model of cultural transmission"

Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Pages 1-19, September 2016
Roman Zakharenko

"The time dimension of parking economics"

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Vol. 91. Pages 211-228, September 2016
Roman Zakharenko

"Nothing else matters: evolution of preference for social prestige"
Mathematical Social Sciences, Vol. 80, Pages 58-64, March 2016
Roman Zakharenko