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Publications in 2014



"The real effects of financial constraints: Evidence from a debt subsidization program targeted at strategic firms"
Journal of Empirical Finance, Vol. 29, Pages 247–265, December  2014
Vladimir Sokolov, Yulia Davydova

"Assessing the impact of the maternity capital policy in Russia"
Labour Economics, Vol. 30, Pages 265–281, October 2014
Anna YurkoFabian Slonimczyk 

"Firm value in crisis: Effects of firm-level transparency and country-level institutions"
Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 46, Pages 72–84, September 2014
Sergey StepanovRuben Enikolopov (New Economic School)Maria Petrova (New Economic School)

"Do banks matter for the risk of a firm's investment portfolio? Evidence from foreign direct investment programs"
Strategic Management Journal, July 2014
Marie-Ann Betschinger

"Oligopolistic Competition and Search Without Priors"
The Economic Journal, Vol. 124, № 576, Pages 594–606, May 2014
Alexei Parakhonyak 

"Consumer search markets with costly revisits"
Economic Theory, Vol. 55, № 2, Pages 481-514, February 2014
Alexei ParakhonyakMaarten C. Janssen

"Liquidity and the Marginal Value of Information"
Economic Theory, Vol. 55, № 2, Pages 307-334, February 2014
Alexey BoulatovBart Taub (University of Glasgow)

"Privatization and survival - evidence from a Russian firm survey"
Economic Annals, Vol. 59, Issue 200, Pages 43-60, January 2014
Carsten Sprenger