Key publications in 2018

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"Liquidity, Default and the Interaction of Financial Stability and Monetary Policy"

The Changing Fortunes of Central Banking. Cambridge University Press, March 2018
Udara PeirisDimitrios TsomocosAlexandros Vardoulakis

"Financially-constrained lawyers: An economic theory of legal disputes"
Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 109, May 2018, Pages 625-647
Claudia M.LandeoMaxim Nikitin

"Debt, Recovery Rates and the Greek Dilemma"
Journal of Financial Stability, Volume 36, June 2018, Pages 265-278
Charles Goodhart, Udara PeirisDimitrios Tsomocos

"Perils of unconventional monetary policy"

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 93, August 2018, Pages 92-114
Michael McMahon, Udara PeirisHerakles Polemarchakis

"Transfers of Corporate Control in Firms with Non-Controlling Blockholders"
The RAND Journal of Economics (in print)
Sergey Stepanov