International College of Economics and Finance


ICEF faculty members regularly participate in leading international conferences in the fields of economics and finance, both in Russia and abroad; these include Econometric Society meetings, and meetings of the American and European Economic Associations, the Game Theory Society, the International Economic Association and many others. ICEF faculty members also participate in and coordinate the International Academic Conference of the Higher School of Economics on Economic and Social Development, as well as other academic events conducted in Russia.

Conference participation in 2019


2019 ASSA Annual Meeting (USA) January 2019

Dmitry Makarov, Maxim Nikitin, Udara Peiris, Alexey Boulatov

15th International ConferenceWEAI (Japan) March 2019

Markus Gebauer, Steven Kivinen

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2019 (UK) April 2019

Sergey Stepanov

15th Annual Conference on General Equilibrium and its Applications (USA) April 2019

Udara Peiris

5th International seminar MATCH-UP 2019 (Switzerland) May 2019

Steven Kivinen

9th European Meeting of the Urban Economics Association (Netherlands) May 2019

Roman Zakharenko

The 2019 Annual School and Conference of the International Transportation Economics Association, ITEA (France) June 2019

Roman Zakharenko

94th Annual Conference of the Western Economic Association International, WEAI (USA) June 2019

Markus Gebauer

23rd Annual Conference of Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics (Sweden) June 2019

Vitalijs Jascisens

2019 North American summer meeting of the Econometric society (USA) June 2019

Roman Zakharenko

The 19th Annual SAET Conference (Italy) June 2019

Emiliano Catonini, Tatiana Mayskaya

The 30th International Conference on Game Theory (USA) July 2019

Tatiana Mayskaya

European Finance Association Annual Meeting 2019 (Portugal) August 2019

Vincent Fardeau

72nd European Meeting of the Econometric Society (UK) August 2019

Dmitry Makarov, Vitalijs Jascisens

MMF 50th Anniversary Conference (UK) September 2019

Udara Peiris

3rd Conference on Financial (in)stability of Bank of Mexico (Mexico) October 2019

Udara Peiris

5th Lancaster Game Theory Conference (UK) November 2019

Sergey Stepanov

The 89th Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association (US) November 2019

Tatiana Mayskaya

2019 KWC Conference on Entrepreneurial Finance (Sweden) December 2019

Dmitry Makarov