International College of Economics and Finance


ICEF faculty members regularly participate in all leading international conferences the fields of economics and finance, both in Russia and worldwide, including Econometric Society meetings, meetings of the American and European Economic Associations, of the Game Theory Society, of the International Economic Association and many others. ICEF faculty also act as participants and panel organizers of the International Academic Conference of the Higher School of Economics on Economic and Social Development, and of other academic events conducted in Russia.

Conference participation in 2012

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XIII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development
(Moscow, Russia), April 3-5;

"Getting by with a little help from my friends: does political affinity lead to lower premiums in M&A deals?"
Mari-Ann Betschinger

"Continuous time option pricing with scheduled jumps in the underlying asset"
Sergey Gelman

"Short-Term vs. Long-Term CEO Incentives"
Stanimir Morfov

"Liability and Disputes under Third-Party Financing of Litigation"
Maxim Nikitin

"Service refusal in regulated markets for credence goods"
Alexei Parakhonyak

"Forecasting and Vaticinating"
Sergey Popov

"Informality in Russia: Stepping Stone or Dead End"
Fabian Slonimczyk

"Determining Banks' Participation in Central Bank Bailouts"
Vladimir Sokolov

"Labor market and search through personal contacts"
Roman Chuhay

"Do locals perform better than foreigners: evidence from mutual funds investing in Russia"
Carsten Sprenger

Korea Foundation Global Seminar (Seoul, Korea) February 9, 2012;
"Enhancing Global Financial Governance"
Vladimir Sokolov

Meetings of the Association for Comparative Economics Studies/2012 ASSA Meetings (Chicago, USA)
January 5-8, 2012;
"Does Nationalization Work? Evidence from Russian State Takeovers" ( paper)
Carsten Sprenger