ICEF faculty members regularly participate in leading international conferences in the fields of economics and finance, both in Russia and abroad; these include Econometric Society meetings, and meetings of the American and European Economic Associations, the Game Theory Society, the International Economic Association and many others. ICEF faculty members also participate in and coordinate the International Academic Conference of the Higher School of Economics on Economic and Social Development, as well as other academic events conducted in Russia.

Conference participation in 2018

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2018 ASSA Annual Meeting (USA) January 2018;

Dmitry Makarov; Udara PeirisRoman Zakharenko

“Day-Ahead” Conference2018 AEA Continuing Education (USA) January 2018;

Udara Peiris

Invited Research seminar at Novosibirsk State University (Russia) February 2018;

Udara Peiris

44th Eastern Economic Association Annual Meetings (USA) March 2018;

Roman Zakharenko

Invited Research seminar at Singapore Institute of Management (Singapore) March 2018;

Emiliano Catonini

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2018 (UK) March 2018

Udara Peiris

Invited Research seminar at University of Oxford and University of Porto (UK, Portugal) April 2018

Udara Peiris

14th Annual Conference on General Equilibrium and its Applications (USA) April 2018

Udara Peiris

Invited Research seminar at University of Nevada (USA) May 2018

Udara Peiris

Artificial Intelligence In Automotive Conference (USA) May 2018;

Roman Zakharenko

SAET 2018 (China) June 2018;

Tatiana Mayskaya

NASMES 2018 (USA) June 2018;

Tatiana MayskayaSergey Stepanov

Invited Research seminar at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain) June 2018;

Emiliano Catonini

Belgrade Young Economists Conference 2018 (Serbia) June 2018;

Luca Gelsomini

International Transport Economics Association Conference 2018 (China) June 2018;

Roman Zakharenko

LOFT 2018 (Italy) July 2018;

Emiliano Catonini

29th European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (Switzerland) July 2018

Vladimir Sokolov

EEA - ESEM 2018 (Germany) August 2018;

Emiliano CatoniniAlexei BoulatovSergey Stepanov

EARIE 2018 (Greece) August-September 2018;

Roman Chuhay

Invited Research seminar at University of Copenhagen (Danmark) September 2018;

Roman Zakharenko

Workshop on Empirical Public Procurement Research (Germany) October 2018;

Vitalijs Jascisens