International College of Economics and Finance

”It Gives Me Great Pleasure Just To Be An ICEF Student"

Artur Isaev

Artur Isaev

Artur Isaev, who is in his first year of bachelor’s degree, was preparing for college in the USA, but chose to study in Russia and entered ICEF. In this interview, Artur shares about his chosen career path in Economics and Finance, how he found his best friend at ICEF, and why he keeps abreast of trends in architecture.

How did you get into ICEF?

I had been long preparing for study in the USA, but in Grade 10, when the time came to apply for early admission, I changed my mind. I didn’t really want it. It was parents who said it would be good for me. I am grateful to them for finally coming to terms with my decision to stay in Moscow and enter ICEF. My Unified State Exam score wasn’t top, but it qualified me okay for the admission on a full tuition fee basis. My family have always considered ICEF to be Russia’s best provider of Economics education that uses some of the most effective learning methods. The learning process is effort-intensive, but, as they say, it is by overcoming daunting tasks that we get desired results.

Where do you see yourself after graduating? 

I don’t think that far ahead. Obviously a lot can change. Although, I am pretty sure I would like to be in real estate. So, it will be development and urban planning that I’ll be focusing more on. I’ve already accepted the summer internship invitation from Stone Hedge company. Hope I’ll be able to give a good account of myself. Combining studies with work is possible but is best to do in upper years, when study load is less demanding.

Has anything interesting happened to you over your first year as a student? 

Interesting things have been many and happen all the time. My every day ICEF is so busy, I can’t think of anything particular. I met my old friend at ICEF, whom I first met three years ago in England at a summer school. The second time we met was at initiation when they put me on his team, and we both decided we were pretty much destined to meet again. He is now one of my closest friends. 

What are your passions? Are you able to combine them with study?

My biggest passion is exploring the real estate markets of the USA and the UAE. And because I try to keep abreast of trends in architecture, I periodically attend theses defense at Moscow Institute of Architecture. I try to keep myself in good physical shape, I do swimming and gym.

In fact, if you’re a good time manager, combining studies with internships or professional sports will be easy for you

How do you like your campus?

I and my friends often discuss our colleges and campuses. All I can say is that HSE’s main building in Pokrovsky Blvd is more than super modern. It seems just perfect place for studying and meeting with friends and it offers diverse options of pastime. I often join other students for table tennis or coffee in my free time. 

What do you like most about ICEF?

Student life comes with many things that are new to me, filling my life with joy and interest. Like many other freshmen, I often ask myself if I’m happy with my choice. Well, despite demanding study load, high paced delivery of knowledge and challenging home assignments, I know I’ve made the right choice and am doing one of the best degrees available in Russia. It gives me great pleasure just to be an ICEF student. I hope I will be able to contribute to this big community by joining more on-campus activities and events where I can meet more like-minded people.