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ICEF’s Top Achievers Praised for Excellence by London

ICEF’s Top Achievers Praised for Excellence by London


The recently released University of London examination results mark yet another milestone achievement for ICEF Bachelor's degree students. They did exceptionally well, confirming their reputation as top performing students of the UoL Programme globally.

ICEF students’ brilliant performance in the international exams fosters the prestige of HSE as a world’s highly ranked university, demonstrating high potential of the Russian students and their teachers. Every year, HSE ICEF students are awarded by the University of London Academic Achievement Awards and Letters of Commendation praising their outstanding performance in the courses of its EMFSS Programmes. This year, ICEF students, who account for approximately 5% of the EMFSS students total enrollment, represent 47% of the award recipients.

The UoL rewards students for their academic excellence with prestigious awards in three categories:

– Academic Achievement Award. This award is given to students who excel in all the examination sessions of the year and have the best performance in their individual degree programme. The award is accompanied by relevant certificate and letter signed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London.

– Letter of Commendation. Letter of Commendation is given to students who score highest in their courses studied and is accompanied by relevant certificate and letter signed by chairman of the examination board.

– Top Scorer. This is given to students who receive the highest mark in each module globally.

This year ICEF is honored to have ten Academic Achievement Award recipients

  • Alexandra Makarova
  • Yulia Koifman
  • Nicolas Chatelet
  • Alexander Vlasov
  • Evgeniya Bondarenko
  • Alexandra Nalobin
  • Vladislav Kiryanov
  • Alexandra Romanova
  • Vladimir Averin
  • Stepan Sannikov

This year 22 students were awarded as Top Scorers:

  • Grigory Kuzmin, Quantitative Finance/ Principles of Corporate Finance
  • Grigory Kuzmin, Mаcroeconomics
  • Vladislav Kiryanov, Asset Pricing and Financial Markets/ Elements of Econometrics
  • Andrey Voronin, Further Linear Algebra/ Further Calculus/ Abstract Mathematics
  • Albert Belkov, Industrial Economics
  • Islambeg Katibov, Calculus
  • Alina Yunisova, Calculus
  • Vadim Artemov, Mathematics of Finance and Valuation
  • Maria Savelyeva, Introduction to Economics
  • Yegor Safronov, Introduction to Economics
  • Alexandra Romanova, Algebra
  • Lana Teremets, Microeconomics
  • Ekaterina Ivanushkina, Abstract Mathematics
  • Stepan Sannikov, Statistic 2

Eight of the above listed students scored 100 out of 100 in Mathematics.

ICEF students excel in many of the above courses every year. This year, they scored highest in as many as 16 courses – a record-breaking number never achieved by ICEF students before.

Letters of Commendation have been awarded to 200 students globally. Of them, 109 are students of ICEF.

This chart shows the number of ICEF award winning students from 2011 to 2021
This chart shows the number of ICEF award winning students from 2011 to 2021

We are proud to announce that we have students who were able to score highest in the world in multiple subjects:

Andrey Voronin – 3 courses (Further Calculus, Further Linear Algebra, Abstract Mathematics)

Vladislav Kiryanov – 2 courses (Elements of Econometrics, Asset Pricing and Financial Markets)

Grigory Kuzmin – 2 courses (Quantitative Finance, Principles of Corporate Finance).

This year’s graduate Albert Belkov has been honored as a top-performing student in UoL EMFSS programmes for three years. Grigory Kuzmin, who graduated in 2021, also achieved this status – completing with First Class Honours from the University of London and the honors degree from the Higher School of Economics. Hecontinues his studies as a student of ICEF Master of Financial Economics Programme.