Dec 29, 2017
Alumni Reunion-2017 at ICEF

On December 28, 2017, ICEF held an alumni reunion event for its graduates. This year’s reunion was dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of ICEF. More than 100 ICEF graduates from different years celebrated the anniversary of their alma mater, spending time with their peers and friends. Many of them still live, work or study in Moscow, while some of them came from other cities and countries.

As a part of the New Year’s event, Artem Arkhipov, a 2002 ICEF graduate and Vice-President at UniCredit Bank, gave a lecture on the future of the Russian economy.

His lecture was followed by a party with live music. This relaxing atmosphere provided ICEF graduates with a good opportunity to talk to each other, as well as converse with professors and staff. They also shared their impressions on work and studies, their plans for the future, personal and family news, and discussed forms of possible collaboration with their alma mater.

ICEF Director Sergey Yakovlev gave a speech at the reunion. The alumni also had a chance to communicate with BSc and MSc programme supervisors Oleg Zamkov and Maxim Nikitin, both of whom are ICEF professors.

Furthermore, Elizaveta Chernenko, who graduated from ICEF in 2010, gave a musical vocal performance. Several graduates received letters of commendation for their active participation in ICEF’s life.

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