Nov 14, 2017
Honorary lecture by a Nobel prize laureate Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides

On November 10, Sir Christopher Pissarides, Nobel Prize laureate in Economics and Professor at the London School of Economics, spoke at ICEF HSE. His lecture on human capital and its impact on economic growth commemorated the 20th anniversary of ICEF.

Theme of the lecture: "Human Capital as a Factor of Economic Development and Growth".

The lecture attracted great interest: more than 300 HSE students, teachers, staff and external guests came. In the end of the lecture the audience asked Professor Pissarides many questions.

Professor Pissarides also met with ICEF Directorate, students and teachers.

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Christopher Pissarides was born in Cyprus, received his PhD from the LSE in 1973, and works at the LSE since 1976. He made numerous contributions to the economics of unemployment, search theory with applications to the labour market, macroeconomics of growth and structural change. His paper "Job Creation and Job Destruction in the Theory of Unemployment", published in the Review of Economic Studies in 1994 (joint with Dale Mortensen) has set up the agenda for research of macroeconomic implications of job market frictions, and his book 'Equilibrium Unemployment Theory', is a standard reference in the economics of unemployment.

Professor Christopher Pissarides won a Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences in 2010, jointly with Dale Mortensen from Northwestern University and Peter Diamond from MIT. Notably, he is the first actual member of LSE faculty to receive the Nobel Prize in economics in history. He has been knighted in 2013 in recognition of his services to economics science.