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Research Seminar by Assaf Razin (Cornell University)

On Tuesday, June 3 at   4.40 pm   International College of Economics and Finance held the Research Seminar.
Speaker: Assaf Razin (Cornell University)

Theme: «Migration State and Welfare State: US vs. EU»
Venue: Shabolovka st., 26, room 3211

Abstract:  I offer an explanation to the differences between the US and the EU with respect to two key policy differences:
(1) The higher generosity of the welfare-migration system in the EU, relative to the US;
(2) The skill and wealth bias of migration in the US, relative to  migration to the EU, with the former receiving a higher share portion of the skilled and rich migrants. I develop a model of a union consisting of  welfare states and migration states which is capable of generatiing these predictions for a migration and fiscal competion regime in the EU-like  case, and migration and fiscal coordination  regime in the US-like case.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend!

Pass can be ordered by:
tel. (495)772-95-90*26090
contact: Zheleznov Slava 

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