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21 ноября в 16.40 в ауд. 3118 прошел научный семинар Международнойго института экономики и финансов
Докладчик: Бенедикт Херрманн (Университет Ноттингема)

В среду, 21 ноября в 16.40 в ауд. 3118 (ул. Шаболовка д. 26) пройдет научный семинар Международного института экономики и финансов.
Докладчик: Бенедикт Херрманн (Университет Ноттингема)
Тема доклада:«Civic Capital in Two Cultures: The Nature of Cooperation in Romania and USA», в соавторстве с Tore Ellingsen, Martin A. Nowak, David G. Rand, and Corina E. Tarnita

Тезисы доклада:We experimentally compare the nature of cooperation among Romanian students to that of U.S. students in various repeated games. We find stark differences in the students' ability to productively link behavior in a public goods game with bilateral interactions of either reward or punishment. On the other hand, we find no difference in cooperation rates in a control public goods game, where coordination on desirable outcomes is hard to achieve, or a bilateral Prisoners' dilemma, where coordination is relatively easily attained. Rather than being fundamentally more cooperative, U.S. groups perform significantly better in the linked games because cooperative behavior is preferentially rewarded in the U.S., and cooperators are rarely punished. Romanian subjects, on the other hand, are unwilling to risk their productive personal relationships to achieve more public cooperation, and also engage in spiteful punishment. Our findings corroborate and complement existing sociological explanations for cross-cultural productivity differences.

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