Key publications

Research papers and articles of ICEF faculty members are regularly published in reputable Russian and international academic journals. ICEF also has its Working Paper Series “Research in economics and finance”, aimed at dissemination of research output produced by ICEF faculty members.

Key publications in 2008

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"Information Acquisition, Coordination and Fundamentals in a Financial Crisis"

Journal of Banking and Finance, June 2008, v. 32, No. 6, Pages 907–914
Maxim Nikitin, R. Todd Smith (University of Alberta)

"Regulation, Taxation and the Information Efficiency of the Berlin Stock Exchange 1892-1913"
European Review of Economic History, 2008, v. 12. No. 1.  Pages 39-66.
Sergey Gelman and Carsten Burhop (University of Vienna)

"International Trade and Investment Agreements and FDI Heterogeneity: Industry Evidence from Japanese Multinational Companies"
Hitotsubashi University Research Unit for Statistical Analysis in Social Sciences Discussion Paper No. 12, 2008,
Betschinger Marie-Ann

"The Impact of Capital Account Liberalization on the Linkage Between Domestic and Foreign Interest Rates: Lessons from the Russian Experience"
Proceedings of the 7th INFER Workshop on International Economics,
Vladimir Sokolov, E. Gurvich