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Oleg Zamkov Receives Outstanding Service Award from HSE Leaders

Oleg Zamkov

Oleg Zamkov
© Denis Budarin / ICEF HSE

The recent meeting of HSE Academic Council, held in-person on the 21st June, witnessed the official ceremony of presenting badges of honour and, for the first time in HSE’s history, HSE Distinguished Service Medals. Among the recipients of the Badge of Honour (Second Class) was Oleg Zamkov, ICEF BSc Programme Academic Supervisor.

The awardees received the medals and the badges from the hands of HSE Rector Nikita Anisimov, HSE President Alexander Shokhin, and HSE CInSt Academic Supervisor Yaroslav Kuzminov. Professor Oleg Zamkov, who serves as ICEF Deputy Director and BSc Programme Academic Supervisor, has been conferred the Badge of Honour (Second Class). This and HSE’s similar awards are presented to individuals who stood at the origins of HSE and made a merituous contribution to its development.

Our congratulations!