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Introduction to Teaching Workshop at ICEF

Introduction to Teaching Workshop at ICEF


Traditionally organized by ICEF Center for Educational Technologies, Introduction to Teaching workshops are designed for teachers who are new to ICEF and are to be taken by all new teachers regardless of their previous experience as lecturers or seminar tutors. 

Introduction to Teaching is a two-day workshop intended to introduce new teachers to the curriculum frameworks and enable greater confidence in their delivery. Led by lecturers and seminar tutors with years of experience at ICEF, it focuses on the philosophy and principles of teaching, allowing the newly hired teachers to experience their workplace environment and become its legitimate members.

Opening this year’s workshop was ICEF Deputy Director Oleg Zamkov. His talk on ICEF’s academic environment and curriculum frameworks was followed by a series of interactive sessions on the theory and practice of teaching and learning, hosted by Natalia Kolyadina, head of ICEF Center for Educational Technologies. The topics for day two included assessment, grading and feedback. 

Professor Alla Fridman shared her many-year lecturing experience, focusing particularly on homework assessment and handling students’ comments.
Alexey Kipriyanov has one-year experience as a lecturer. In his presentation How to be a Young Teacher? Alexey shared some life hacks that proved useful in his early months of teaching and has answered questions from his new colleagues. 
Yaroslav Lyulko, whose teaching career at ICEF started in 2020, shared his vision of the teacher’s role in the post-COVID era. Yaroslav has been successfully using various communication channels to deliver classes and office hours. 

Congratulations on becoming a teacher! We wish you every success in paving the way for students’ future success!