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ICEF Master’s Students From Other Cities Eligible for Residence Bursary

ICEF Master’s Students From Other Cities Eligible for Residence Bursary


Since 2021, master’s degree students are no longer eligible for dormitory subsidy. In this regard, ICEF came up with the initiative – which has already gained approval from the HSE Academic Council – to support its master’s cohort through residence bursary scheme. Designed to provide more flexible housing options, the bursary scheme will be available to the enrollment of 2022.

By providing bursaries the college seeks to give access to high quality education to international and students from other Russian cities who have shown excellent academic progress since entrance tests. Last year, HSE provided the residence bursaries to eight master’s degree students from other cities.

The bursaries are competitive and awarded by ICEF Scholarship Commission to those of non-resident first-year master’s students (including international ones) who get the highest scores at the entrance exams. For bursary recipients to be eligible for payment in their second year, they must continue to rank among the top 5 students.

Students are welcome to apply for bursaries before the 5th September 2022. The applications will be reviewed by the Commission until 5th October 5, 2022, following which a list of candidates will be compiled, with bursaries to go to the first ten students on the list.

Eligible to apply for the bursaries are honour roll students, academic competition winners and prize holders, as well as winners of students portfolio competition.