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ICEF Students Have Been Awarded LSE Scholarships

ICEF Students Have Been Awarded LSE Scholarships

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Every year, ICEF awards its best-performing students with a trip to London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) Summer School in London. Eligible for this award are the brightest of the first- and second-year undergraduates, as well as those with excellent progress in ICEF Academia courses. This year, LSE scholarship recipients are two. To the rest of the students, the Summer School courses are available at a 15% discounted price.

The LSE Summer School 2022 scholarships have been awarded to ICEF students in recognition of their outstanding academic performance. Candidates are nominated by ICEF based on the progress they have demonstrated in 2020/2021 academic year. This year’s winners are bachelor’s students Polina Atovmyan (year 2) and Stepan Sannikov (year 3).

The LSE scholarship covers the tuition fee for one three-week course at student’s choice, as well as accommodation in the dormitory. Nominated candidates apply for the scholarship online.

There is also an exclusive discount for all students of the LSE global undergraduate programme (EMFSS). Any of the Summer School’s eighty courses is available to them 15% cheaper, provided that the application is approved.

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Polina Atovmyan, second-year student

Polina Atovmyan, second-year student

ICEF has traditionally enjoyed a cohort of students who maintain a high level of ambition regarding studies and not only them. When the people you interact with on a daily basis are talented and goal-oriented, you feel motivated to achieve more. While grades may not always reflect knowledge, the student performance rating system and the friendly rivalry make learning a thrilling challenge, stimulating to study hard. And, judging by the impressive progress ICEF graduates achieve in the workplace and as students in different parts of the world, the efforts are just bound to bear fruit. 

In almost any organization, human resources are key. At ICEF, both faculty and students boast remarkable professional and personal qualities. 

ICEF sets rigorous academic standards for its students, which partly explains why learning is interesting here. As someone who hadn’t had a single class in Economics at high school, because the concentration was in physics and mathematics, I, for example, got an A in Micro- and Macroeconomics at the end of my first year at ICEF without putting any extreme effort. I think that our academic progress depends a lot on our ability to learn.

I am really looking forward to joining the Summer School and exploring LSE’s academic culture. Previous years’ students tell us the teaching and learning process there is different from what we’ve experienced at ICEF. Along with courses, I welcome the opportunity to meet the teachers and the students, many of whom come from overseas. Cultural exchange is a great way to help one take a fresh look at familiar things. 

Stepan Sannikov, third-year student

Stepan Sannikov, third-year student

I am glad to be able to join LSE Summer School this summer. I am thinking about doing a master’s, so this trip is a great opportunity for me to see if I should study abroad, especially since most of the universities I am considering are in London. 

I plan to take a course in Econometrics. I hope it will give me the knowledge which is not on ICEF’s third-year curriculum. And I’m certainly looking forward to meeting peers from other countries! I’m curious to learn about their life goals and what they value most in university life. And I also hope I will be able to go to Dover, which is south of England, for a weekend. 

The thing I like most about studying at ICEF is agility. Those falling out of step, if only for a week, are not to be envied. Every class is meant to fill you in with lots of information, giving your brain a healthy workout. But I’d be lying if I said it never tires me – I keep going thanks to my classmates.

My biggest takeaway from my years at ICEF is that there’s no field of knowledge, even in science, that can’t be figured out. It just takes a bit more perseverance and having talented teachers around who know how to explain the essence of concepts. 

What motivates ICEF students to become high achievers? For me, the answer lies in their curiosity, perfectionism and unwillingness to deny themselves a future of opportunities.