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New Year’s Get-together and ICEF Graduates’ Anti-Conference

On December 15, the 2nd Anti-Conference of Graduates was held in conjunction with the New Year’s get-together of all ICEF alumni. This event was held at Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow and turned out to be very lively and exciting.

New Year’s Get-together and ICEF Graduates’ Anti-Conference

During the Anti-Conference, the participants made quick presentations to talk about their educational development, as well as discussed their concerns and other interesting issues while at ICEF:

· how to find your calling;

· changing careers to find happiness;

· how to develop positive habits;

· how to deal with stress and develop spiritually;

· hobbies that can give you energy.

During one of the presentations, the graduates even demonstrated a kundalini yoga breathing technique.

The topics of the Anti-Conference were presented in two sessions – ‘Career Development’ and ‘About Yourself, Your Life, and Your Hobbies’. Each session was moderated by an ICEF alumnus.

More details: Anti-Conference Programme

Session 1. Career Development

Session 1.1. Uncommon Careers for ICEF Grads

Ivan Sergeyev – Goals and Values in Life and Business

Leonid Yasinovsky – Brand Marketing in Business. What Do Shampoo and Scooters have in Common?

Anton Efimov – How Not to Use Blockchain (and Why You Should Still Follow this Technology)

Serge Sagbo – 10 Ways of Heading a Department of Innovation When You are 24

Session 1.2. About Finance and Consulting

Arman Airiyan – The Venture Market, Start-ups and the IT Market

Valentina Vorozheikina – Trading as a Professional Field. Market Prospects

Pavel Parshin – How to Stop Consulting and Start Living Your Life

Anna Romanovskaya – Personal Finance and Careers in Investment Consulting – the New Reality Starting December 23

Sergey Stefanenko – The Era of Indie-brands in the USA

Session 2. About Yourself, Your Life and Your Hobbies

Session 2.1. How to Find Your Calling

Polina Beloborodova – Psychologist, Teaching and Career Researcher

Zhanna Sharipova – Programming Life to Attain the Greatest Amount of Happiness, Freedom and Knowledge Possible

Mikhail Pakhomov – More Than a Game

Zhanna Golubeva – ICEF, Work and Mental Health

Session 2.2 On Happiness

Danila Bochkov – From Interbank Forex Trading to Kundalini Yoga

Veronika Bratusheva – The Way of Saint Jacob. How to Get Around By Bicycle on an Ancient Pilgrimage and Become a Little Bit Happier

Elizaveta Chernenko – I’m 30 and I Know What I Will Be When I Grow Up (or 10 Stories about Searching for Your Calling at Any Age)

Alina Myalo – Successful Success: The Case of an Unsuccessful ICEF Graduate

At the end of the event, ICEF’s Deputy Director, Oleg Zamkov, presented a grant certificate to the successful student. This grant was funded through the “Thank You HSE!” initiative. The participants continued communicating after the event, sharing their opinions on the presentations at a New Year’s reception.

We would like to thank the organizers and speakers of the Anti-Conference for their enthusiastic participation. We hope that this annual event can serve as an interesting platform for bringing successful alumni and peers together, as well as provide an opportunity to discuss the future of current learners at ICEF.