International College of Economics and Finance

ICEF Graduates 2018 Show Top Results in University of London Exams

The University of London has published its exam results for 2018. According to these results, 196 ICEF Bachelor’s graduates will receive a University of London diploma, including 66 students (around 34% of ICEF learners), who will be getting degrees with first class honours. This was the best result ever for ICEF students in the college’s entire history. Furthermore, the share of degree certificates with first and second upper class honours awarded came to over 62%, accounting for around two-thirds of total diplomas.

The best results from ICEF’s 2018 graduates were posted for the following exams: Monetary Economics, Investment Management, Quantitative Finance, and Mathematics of Finance & Valuation.

Furthermore, this year, seven ICEF graduates applied to PhD programmes at leading universities around the world, while another seven have been accepted to pursue MBAs. The programme’s recent graduates will also be taking part in Master’s programmes at top universities (e.g., Master’s programmes at LSE, University of California, University of Oxford, NYU Courant, Princeton, LBS, UCL, HEC, EDHEC, etc.,), as well as starting their careers at major Russian and international firms.

We congratulate this year’s ICEF graduates and their instructors for their excellent results and wish them all the best in the future!