Oct 23, 2017
ICEF Student Makes Presentation at World Youth and Students Festival in the Presence of President Putin

Alexander Lee, a fourth-year ICEF BSc student, made a presentation on future economic development at a panel session called “Youth 2030. The Image of the Future” at the XIX World Youth and Students Festival, which took place from October 14 to October 22 in Sochi, Russia.

Video from the session >> (Alexander’s presentation starts at 14 minutes 35 seconds).

This presentation was the culmination of intensive efforts and discussions among the international attendees in regards to future economic development. ICEF was represented by its students, including Alexander Lee, Konstantin Semyanov, Aidar Itskhakov, Alexander Nosulich and Anna Taranina, who took an active part in discussions and developing proposals in regards to the most pressing issues of current economic development. A group of HSE experts, including Vladimir Sokolov, PhD, ICEF Associate Professor and the Head of the HSE International Laboratory of Financial Economics, also took part in these discussions. In addition, 14 ICEF students took part in the Russian-UK Student Economic Forum, which was held as part of the Festival.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the Festival’s closing session – ‘Youth 2030. The Image of the Future’. During this panel, students from different countries made presentations on various trends: future technologies, healthcare, aerospace technologies, new media, future economic development, modelling the future, global policy, developments in science and education, cutting-edge industries, setting up a global railroad network, and putting together effective teams of the future.

President Putin told the participants that he wished all of their excellent and ambitious plans come true. In addition, he shared his opinion and advice on what one has to do in order to achieve these goals.  

Photos from the session (TASS)

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