International College of Economics and Finance

International applicants will be able to enrol at ICEF on the basis of their English-language entrance examinations

This year, for the first time, HSE is offering international students the chance to sit entrance examinations in English – and the ICEF Bachelor’s Programme has led the way in this area. To enrol in the double-diploma BSc in Economics at ICEF, international applicants will have to sit two written tests: one in mathematics, and one in English language. The entrance examination timetable and sample papers are available on the ICEF website here. International applicants also have the opportunity to apply to the Bachelor’s Programme on the basis of internal entrance examinations taken in Russian, or of the Unified State Exams. These entrance examinations will take place in July.

For more information on international student applications, please contact Sergey Konyshev or Olga Nechaeva.