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For Employers and Partners

Many Russian and international companies are interested in attracting the ICEF students and graduates, as the quality of education that ICEF offers is comparable to that of the leading universities in the world. Our graduates leave with both the up-to-date professional knowledge vital in the world economy and fluency in English – as well as highly developed soft skills. ICEF graduates progress to successful careers at the top companies and governmental organisations in Russia and around the world.

ICEF has extensive experience in working with employers, and we would be happy to discuss various ways of working together.

Attracting students to placements and internships

ICEF encourages students to start gaining relevant work experience during their breaks from study as soon as possible. Around half of all students already find internships by their second year.

Opportunities for employers:

• Inform students of opportunities at your company (through mailings and the use of ICEF resources)
• Select students that fit your criteria• Register your request for placement transfer from ICEF

If you would like to work out an agreement with HSE regarding student placements, get in touch with the HSE Career Development Centre; in this way, any arrangement will apply to all institutions, not just individual faculties.

Informing students about events
We would be happy to inform ICEF students of interesting career and educational events through mailings and the use of ICEF resources. We do not advertise fee-paying events unless ICEF students have the chance to participate for free or at a reduced cost.
Running events for ICEF students

At ICEF many companies and student organisations run events throughout the academic year. We are happy to provide a lecture hall, laptop and presentation facilities, as well as to inform students and ensure a healthy attendance at the event.

Recommendations for running an event:

• Spend 70-80% of the event on educational elements, and the rest leave for anecdotes about the company and discussion of career opportunities
• Use case studies, group work, business games and other forms of interactive engagement with participants
• Dates when events are discouraged: examination days, graduation, etc

We would request for you to get in touch with ICEF as early as possible if you would like to hold an event, as the schedule tends to be very tight. 
Long-Term Collaboration with ICEF
Discussion groups
ICEF regularly holds discussion groups with companies in various areas of the economy, to discuss the applicability of the academic curriculum to the demands of employers. These discussion groups influence changes in the curriculum – for example in 2013 the optional courses Introduction to Business, Programming, Soft Skills, Practical Trading and others were introduced into modules 3 and 4.

Optional Courses
Companies that wish to work even more closely with ICEF students can run optional courses and trainings lasting 16 or 32 academic hours. 

Project Work
A company’s employees can engage ICEF students with their own current activities and allocate them individual or group projects – for example, the collection and analysis of data, or the development of financial models. For the company, this is an opportunity to evaluate students’ skills through real work, and to retain the best-performing ones for internships or jobs. 

Participation in thesis defenses
A company’s employees can also be part of the thesis defense committees. You can find out the subjects of the theses in advance, choose those that interest you, evaluate the students’ level of knowledge and presentation skills, and invite them to take up a job or internship at your company.
For all enquiries, please contact Viktoria Pralich, who manages all activities with students, graduates and employers

+7(495)772-9590, * 27986