Double Degree Bachelor’s Programme: Admissions & Fees

Application deadline: 25 July

Required documents:

        Completed application form
        Photocopy of passport or national identification card
      Certificate of secondary education *
      6 photographs, 3cm by 4cm in size.

All applicants must also attend an additional obligatory interview in English, which is not an entrance examination.

The tuition fee depends on student's academic achievements and is subject to indexation. The level of payment is eligible for revision and depends on the student’s place in the rating.

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* If you received your certificate of secondary education from a former republic of the Soviet Union other than Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania or Uzbekistan, it will not be necessary for you to have your certificate officially translated into Russian either by a notary in Moscow, or by a Russian consulate. If your certificate is from any other foreign country, you will need to have your certificate legally recognised - a process known as nostrification. This can be done at a Russian consulate, or at the offices of an expert center. The address of one such center is provided below:

   Address:  Bolshoi Chudov pereulok, 8, Building 1, Moscow, Russia, 119021
   Tel.:  +7 (495) 616-67-67
   Website:  www.ined.ru
   Email:  secretary@ined.ru
   Working hours:  Mon-Fri: 10.00 to 17.00, (closed from 13.00 to 14.00); Sat-Sun: closed