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Научный семинар Михаила Тахлина (Университет Стокгольма): "Life-long learning, job requirements and informal training"

В четверг, 26 мая в 16.30 в ауд. Ж-822  (Покровский бульвар, 11) прошел совместный научный семинар МИЭФ и Факультета экономики.
Докладчик: Михаил Тахлин (Университет Стокгольма)
Тема доклада: «Life-long learning, job requirements and informal training» (совместно с Томасом Корпи) (pdf версия)


Тезисы доклада: Lifelong learning research focuses on formal training, documenting a positive correlation between initial education and continuing training. This “training gap” research disregards two important distinctions: (a) between formal and informal training, and (b) between skill supply and demand. A complete account of work-life human capital formation requires simultaneous analysis of formal and informal activities, and of worker schooling and the skill requirements of jobs. Less-educated workers may hold jobs with low skill requirements providing little training since the use of high skills is irrelevant. Examining workplace training in Sweden, we find that informal training quantitatively dominates formal and that both are unequally distributed across skill categories. Job requirements essentially determine the incidence of training, while the net impact of individual education is very small. Employer decisions regarding how to structure jobs and whom to hire appear to be the primary factors behind the training gap in lifelong learning.

Рабочий язык семинара - английский.

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