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ICEF has a vibrant community of ambitious and passionate students, from all over Russia and the entire world.

As a student at ICEF, you will be based in a buzzing metropolis with an amazing variety of things to see and do. Major cultural attractions such as the Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square, the Kremlin, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior are right on your doorstep.
See Living in Moscow>>


At ICEF and the HSE

HSE has 11 dormitories. Generally, foreign students are accommodated in the residence on Studencheskaya Street, which is 5 minutes from the metro station; usually 2 or 3 students share living quarters. The residences are open from 6 AM to 1 AM, and guests are allowed from 5 PM to 11 PM. There are special rooms for studies and recreation. Students have free access to wireless and wired Internet networks, while the self-service laundry rooms are open 24 hours a day. Irons and ironing desks are available upon request.

HSE has campuses located in various buildings dotted all around Moscow. ICEF is based at the complex on ul. Shabolovka, 26.  
See HSE campuses

Academic resources 

As a student of ICEF and of HSE, the following resources will be at your disposal:

The HSE library - the largest department of the HSE library is in the building in Myasnitskaya Street. ICEF has its own library on the 1st floor in the campus on ul. Shabolovka, 26. Here you can find almost all books recommended for obligatory and additional reading for any ICEF course. Check the availability of a specific book.   

on-line library - you can access the on-line library from any HSE building. It boasts a huge amount of resources, including scientific journals, textbooks, books, press archives, databases, dictionaries and thesauruses.
See a full list of the available sources

You can also remotely access the HSE library from any part of the world by registering and receiving a login and a password. See information about remote access

The ICEF information system (mief.hse.ru) is an online resource where all ICEF study materials (home assignments, lecture notes, various articles, etc.) are posted. You can pick up your login and password from ICEF Student Services when you arrive at ICEF.

IT rooms – all HSE buildings have well-equipped IT rooms with high speed internet and any programs you could need. ICEF has its own IT rooms on the 4th floor of the Shabolovka building, open from 9 AM till 8 PM. As a student of ICEF you will be provided each semester with a free printing allowance.

Free time activities
Activities at ICEF:
At ICEF there is a well-established system of student self-government. The Academic Student Council was formed in 2009. It aims to help students to perform their duties and enjoy their rights, develop students’ social activities, reach the goals and tasks facing the students, mould their personal qualities and team spirit. Members of the Student Council together with active students work to make the students’ life interesting and eventful. The Student Council of ICEF regularly organizes induction events for welcoming new students, ICEF anniversary celebrations, New Year’s parties and much more. Each year, student representatives are elected to act as the student body’s voice to the ICEF administration.

ICEF has its own newspaper, The ICEFer (ICEF economic report), founded in November of 2007. The newspaper is mainly concerned with economic issues viewed from the perspective of ICEF students. The newspaper also publishes articles on non-academic activities and interviews with notable people and professors. Anyone can submit an article and take part in the creation of the paper.

ICEF has a Ch - G - K - club, borrowing its name from the popular Russian TV show, “What? Where? When?”. Students and lecturers gather for a few hours once a month and take part in team quizzes. It is a great way to spend your free time and get to know new people from ICEF. 

ICEF has a charitable organization called ICEF Outreach. In Russia, a great number of disabled people, orphans, and senior citizens do not receive sufficient support from government or private funds. Volunteers of ICEF Outreach collect things like clothes, books, toys, and money for those in need. Once a month, ICEF Outreach visits a school for orphans located 200 kilometres outside Moscow. ICEF Outreach has also started the tradition of holding monthly bake sales for charity.

HSE Clubs & Societies:

Business, science, theatre, painting, dancing, preference, historical reenactment - it is nearly impossible to list all the student clubs and organizations in HSE.

Some Highlights:


HSE Annual Conference - the main scientific event at HSE, held in April-May. 

ICEF weekly research seminar - the ICEF research seminar, held on Thursdays.  

Open seminars, master classes, public lectures. Most are scheduled here>>. However, it might be better to regularly check the webpages of the faculties and laboratories you're interested in. Many events are multilingual.

Social and Civiс issues:

"Greater than politics". Regular open discussions on social problems with prominent figures in Russian society, organized by the HSE academic supervisor, Professor Evgeniy Yasin, and hosted by Aleksander Arkhangel'sky. More information is available here>>

Debate club
Е-mail: debate-hse@yandex.ru,
call 8-926-206-50-11, 8-903-799-19-82 (Andrew Konstantinov)

Business and career:

CASE CLUBs - Tackling case-studies through workshops, master classes, and competitions!

See ICEF-based Case Club and this alternative organisation for more information

HSE-INC – Startups in the HSE Business Incubator 

Arts and entertainment 

HSE Theatre
KVN (Humor Club)
NII Smeshno (Standup Comedy Club)
Flash Dance
Piano classes