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Best ICEF Teachers List Announced

Best ICEF Teachers List Announced

Upon completion of each module, the students of HSE, as well as the alumni, were asked to nominate and vote for their favourite teachers using the university’s information systems. Shortlisted as ICEF’s best are a total of twelve lecturers and course teachers.

Voted by students as best teachers are:

  • Alexey Akhmetshin, guest lecturer at ICEF
  • Sofya Budanova, Associate Professor at ICEF
  • Boris Demeshev, Senior Lecturer at Department of Applied Economics
  • Daniil Yesaulov, Associate Professor at ICEF
  • Alexander Zasorin, guest lecturer at ICEF
  • Timur Zekokh, guest lecturer at ICEF
  • Stepan Zimin, guest lecturer at ICEF
  • Olesya Kondrakhina, Senior Lecturer at ICEF
  • Yaroslav Lyulko, Associate Professor at ICEF
  • Tatiana Matveeva, Associate Professor at Department of Theoretical Economics
  • Sergey Stepanov, Associate Professor at ICEF
  • Peio Zuazo-Garin, Associate Professor at ICEF

The students were submitting their assessments online through the compulsory end-of-module procedure that involves voting for teachers and academic courses. Each student could nominate up to two lecturers and two course/practicals supervisors. Participating in the vote were also HSE alumni. They were asked to name three teachers whose work and support was most remembered during their study. The student and alumni choices were duly taken into account when summing up the results.
The voting also sought to identify best academic supervisors, recognized as such based on students’ performance in the Student Research Paper Competition 2021. Recognized as best are all the teachers whose students were announced by the competition as first-, second- or third-place winners.

ICEF traditionally boasts the highest quality of teaching. Some of its faculty staff members combine teaching at ICEF with teaching at the Faculty of Economic Sciences (FES) and the Faculty of Computer Science (FCS), contributing to the brilliant academic performance of their students.

Best teachers who combine teaching at ICEF with teaching at FES:

  • Yury Avtonomov
  • Andrey Dementiev
  • Elena Semerikova
  • Natalia Rakuta

Best teachers who combine teaching at ICEF with teaching at FCS:

  • Yury Avtonomov
  • Boris Demeshev
  • Elena Dimova
  • Piotr Lukyanchenko
  • Oleg Melnikov

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

Click here to view full list of winners.