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ICEF Advanced Research Programme held student research conference

ICEF Advanced Research Programme’s student conference has become the first research venue to mark the start of this academic year’s second term.

ICEF Advanced Research Programme held student research conference

Workshops and conferences like ARP are hosted by ICEF on a regular basis, involving international faculty members, senior bachelor’s and master’s students. Their audiences welcome all students who would like to join academic discussions, and ARP is exactly the venue to experience the academic life. It helps students select their research supervisors, practice research presentation skills, gain experience discoursing with research committee members, and identify pathways to access graduate programs. The grade that students receive at ARP forms part of their performance in ICEF Student Research Seminar.

Held earlier this February, the conference was contributed by ICEF 4-year bachelor’s and 1-year master’s students. Detailed feedback, along with valuable advice on how to achieve advanced research projects, was provided by professors Emiliano Catonini, Udara Peiris and Alexey Belianin. Input was also made by the audience – 2-, 3- and 4-year bachelor’s students. They didn’t hesitate to ask speakers questions.

Student presentations encompassed diverse topics:

- “Which Firms are Willing to Pay for Damaged Goods and How Much? Application to a Damaged Goods Theory,” presented by Denis Sosinsky;

- “Unexplored Markets of Horizontally Differentiated Goods,” presented by Irina Firsova;

- “How Does Compensation Size Influence the Variability of Football Tournament Winners,” presented by Margarita Petrusevich;

- “Style Drift and Style Consistency Among Russian Mutual Funds,” presented by Adiya Bayarmaa;

- “Does Transparency Improve the Outcomes of Government Procurement,” presented by Artem Senin;

- “Influence of Doubts on Information Processing,” presented by Maxim Slav to share the results of experimenting with the phenomenon of “convenient reasoning”.