International College of Economics and Finance

MSc students defended their theses

Diploma theses defenses of MSc students took place at ICEF. 27 students successfully defended their theses, 14 students received excellent marks and 12 students – good marks. Following 7 students received top grades in their groups:

1) Ivan Abramov

Topic: «Predicting Asset Return with Liquidity»
Supervisor: Sergey Gelman, PhD University of Muenster

2) Ivan Vereshagin

Topic: «Bond Risk Premia and Global Investor Sentiment Factor»
Supervisor: Vladimir Sokolov, PhD University of Notre Dame

3) Egor Krivosheya

Topic: «Political Sentiments and Cross-Listings»
Supervisor: Marie-Ann Betschinger, PhD Muenster School of Business Administration and Economics

4) Maksim Marakulin

Topic: «An Economic Model of Propaganda»
Supervisor: Maxim Nikitin, PhD University of Pittsburgh / Professor Konstantin Sonin, Candidate of Sciences MSU

5) Ekaterina Seregina

Topic: «Economic Models of Religion»
Supervisor: Alexis Belyanin, PhD University of Manchester

6) Anastasia Tikhonova

Topic: «Liquidity Factors and Portfolio Optimization in the Russian Stock Market»
Supervisor: Professor Alexei Boulatov, PhD University of California, Berkeley

7) Anna Tikhonova

Topic: «Aggregation of Diverse Approaches to Improve Predictive Power of Bankruptcy Models for Russian Firms»
Supervisor: Dean Fantazzini PhD University of Pavia / Boris Demeshev, MSc in Economics, HSE

ICEF congratulates students and their supervisors!