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About ICEF

International College of Economics and Finance
of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics"

ICEF is a unique college, that was established in 1997 thanks to the combined efforts of the "Higher School of Economics" (HSE), a National Research University and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a leading center of economic education and research.
Learn more about ICEF on the LSE website >>

ICEF was established within the HSE in order to create an Internationally Recognized Center of Excellence in the field of economic education and research.

The term Internationally Recognized Center of Excellence refers to educational institutions such as university departments and colleges that:
   • offer world-class educational programmes

   • attract the best applicants from around the globe, as shown by their academic achievements
   • have a faculty conducting research that receives international recognition through publications and conference presentations
   • ensure that their graduates are in high demand from both leading employers and the best universities in the world, not only in their country
   • play a significant role in the national and international professional community and actively interact with external commercial, governmental and academic organizations environment

The History of ICEF illustrates how the College has become increasingly competitive compared to the leading international centers for economic research and education.

ICEF's mission is to provide students in Russia with access to cutting edge economic education, of the same quality as at other leading world universities.

In partnership with LSE, ICEF currently offers a double degree Bachelor’s programme and an international Master’s programme in Financial Economics; these courses are the only ones of their kind in Russia and Eastern Europe.

ICEF's highly qualified and world-class teaching staff is responsible for ensuring the outstanding level of education at the College. The ICEF faculty includes 20 full-time academics employed from the international labour market, visiting professors from the LSE and Oxford, the best HSE teachers, and business experts that conduct special courses and master-classes at the College.

All ICEF faculty members conduct academic research, the results of which are recognized around the world:
- papers are presented at the international and Russian conferences including: the Society World Congress, American Economic Association Annual Meetings, European Finance Association Annual Meetings, the World Finance Conference, the Royal Economic Society Annual Conferences and many others;
- articles are published in international journals such as: the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, the Journal of Empirical Finance, the International Journal of Industrial Organization, the Journal of Comparative Economics, and many more.

The ICEF International Academic Committee, which includes HSE representatives and renowned economists from the LSE, guarantees the compliance of ICEF activities with the highest academic standards.

ICEF fosters an international academic culture based on the best of the Russian and British university traditions and values. This includes:

upholding intellectual freedom and creating conditions for self-actualization
observing the highest academic standards
preventing plagiarism and any other form of dishonest behavior 

One of the most important characteristics of ICEF is the international recognition of the quality of education offered at the College.

Besides the HSE exams, ICEF students annually take the international exams of the University of London – for the Bachelor’s degree and exams with the participation of the LSE professors – for the Master’s degree, as well as other international exams.
Thus, ICEF graduates receive two diplomas:

• Bachelor’s Programme – one diploma from the HSE and one from University of London

• Master’s Programme - a diploma from the HSE and an official letter of validation from the LSE

The double degree format of ICEF's programmes, which combines Russian and British standards of higher economic education, gives ICEF students a wide range of additional opportunities, and advantages in their future career, whether academic or professional.

ICEF graduates work successfully in major Russian and foreign companies all around the world. About 500 ICEF graduates continue their education in postgraduate programmes at leading Russian and Western universities (for example, the University of London, LSE, the London Business School, the Universities of Cambridge & Oxford, Harvard and Stanford Universities, etc.). Many of them have received scholarships, that cover tuition and often living expenses.